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Kindness of Omanis makes country unique, says American videographer

An American videographer who visited Oman last July has said that Omani people are different from the people he has met in any of the other countries he has visited.

Adam Sciarro, who hails from Arizona in the Unites States, visited the Sultanate for five days in July, and took in all of the natural beauty Oman had to offer, ranging from the tall mountains to the sandy beaches.

“If I had to narrow it down to one thing, I would say it was the people,” said Adam. “They were different from people I’ve met in all the other places I’ve been to, everyone was so inviting and relaxed. It has a very relaxed ‘go with the flow’ attitude. We never knew what we were going to be doing in a day, but if something fun popped up, we could easily just change our plans and do it.”

“Oman was amazing,” he added. “Every single person I met in Oman was so nice and helpful. It was unbelievable. No one would get annoyed if you did not know where something was or how to do something, and I felt safe wherever I went.”

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Adam is the co-founder of Stormy Vizuals, a production company that was founded last year and provides quality photography and videography for customers across the world, and Oman offered him plenty of opportunities to improve his skills.

“One of the best memories I had was when we went down to the beach and got jet skis,” he recalled. “We were riding at sunset and it was beautiful. The whole sky was lit up in a bright pinkish orange. That’s actually where I took some great photos. We drove all over and got to see a lot of different landscapes from beaches to mountains and it was super beautiful.”

“I am already planning my next visit!” added Adam. “There is a lot I didn’t get to see and do out there. I also met several people at the last minute who were also into videos and photos and I wish I had more time to meet them and shoot videos with them. So if anyone in Oman has some ideas for a cool video or something fun, I’d love to meet up the next time I’m there.”

Adam’s work and his love for travel have seen him travel to 26 countries so far, including Tanzania, the Dominican Republic, Cambodia, the UK, Thailand, Spain, Mexico, France, the UAE and many others.

“I love traveling and I am fortunate to have been to so many places,” he admitted.

“I hope that I will continue to travel and film. As a traveller and videographer, there is so much that you learn, from cultural differences to how much you want to pack. I would say pack light, and by that I mean don’t pack a tonne of gear because it is just going to be really hard to carry it around, and chances are you probably won’t even use it all. Every time I travel, I feel the need to bring a lot of gear with me and I regret it each time.”

“But the most important lesson I have learned while traveling and being a videographer is to be open to gaining new perspectives on people and places,” added Adam.

“You get such a different perspective when you travel and see the world, it changes your mind about a lot of things, which I would definitely recommend to everyone. For me at least, seeing tonnes of different cultures, meeting hundreds of amazing people and seeing how others live are life changing. It’s one thing for people to see the videos I make or photos I take, but it’s not the same as actually going there.”

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