Omanspire: The Amazing Oman

My name is Adam Sciarro. I am from Arizona, I am 19 years old and I’m the co-founder of Stormy Vizuals. I love to travel, film, and taking photos. I started Stormy Vizuals in 2017 with Jett Eaton and we are now going international, taking photos and creating high-level videos for customers all around the world.

Photo I took driving in Muscat

I was introduced to Oman through Aqua-Tots Swim Schools. I do videos for Aqua-Tots and they just opened up a swim school in Oman. It looked so beautiful I had to come to see the country for myself! My first impression of Oman was amazing! My favorite thing of all is the people! Every single person that I met in Oman was so nice and helpful, it was unbelievable. Also, there were many different and unique landscapes from beaches and mountains to the city. And no building is taller than 6 stories, so you can always see the whole landscape- truly breathtaking!

From the Omanspire

Every country or place you visit, there must be something in particular that inspires you. For me, what inspired me the most is when we were driving, and someone would cut us off or we cut off someone, people honk slightly but then look at each other, laugh and keep driving. It’s like you can never make them mad; it’s awesome how easy going everyone is!  At the end, I would like to tell everyone who is reading this, if you haven’t been to Oman, I would highly recommend you to take a trip there. It’s a beautiful place and you will love it!

Beautiful sunset photo on the beach

Jacob and I Jett Skiing

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