Gin Blossoms - Face The Dark

We had the pleasure to edit the Gin Blossoms music video, Face the Dark. Working with Robin Wilson to edit the footage from the storm chasers.

As far as Gin Blossoms frontman Robin Wilson is concerned, the sky was the limit for the video for "Face the Dark," premiering below from the group's latest album, Mixed Reality.

Robin Wilson

The sky, and beyond, is featured in the clip, a time-lapse epic which blends footage shot by famed storm chaser Chad Cowan and sequenced into a complementary arrangement by Wilson and Stormy Visuals. "I spend a lot of time on my boat in Arizona gazing up at the stars," Wilson tells Billboard, "And I thought it would be cool to do a stop-motion video about starscapes and planets and stuff. But then I thought it would be kind of expensive for me to put together a production team to do that." He became aware of Cowan through, which led to Wilson licensing Cowan's library of footage and editing it into form with the Stormy team.

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Face The Dark Music Video

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